Navpatrika Puja, Kolabou Rituals during Maha Shaptami

Navpatrika Puja or the Kolabou Ritual is performed on Maha Saptami – the first day of Durga Puja. This ritual is main performed during Durga Puja in the easter states of Bengal, Orissa and other parts of Eastern India.

Nabapatrika Puja Kalabou - Durga Puja

The word Navpatrika is derived from Sanskrit words ‘Nava’ and ‘Patrika’ which respectively mean nine and leaves. During this puja, leaves of nine plants are installed in the Durga Puja pandal on the Maha Saptami day.

These nine plants symbolically represent Nine Durgas.

The nine plants are plantain (Banana), Kacu, Turmeric, Jayanti, Wood Apple (Bilva), Pomegranate, Ashoka, Arum and Rice Paddy or Dhanya.

Nine Plants and their Symbolic Representation :

  • Banana plantain symbolically represents Goddess Brahmani.
  • Kachvi (Kacci plant) represents Goddess Kali.
  • Turmeric represents Goddess Durga.
  • Jayanti represents Goddess Karttiki.
  • Wood apple or Bilva (Bil patra) represents Lord Shiva.
  • Pomegranate plant represents Goddess Raktadantika.
  • Ashoka plant represents Goddess Sokarahita.
  • Manaka, also known as Arum, represents Goddess Chamunda.
  • Rice paddy represents Goddess Lakshmi.

Photos of Nabapatrika Puja Nine Plants :

Nabapatrika Puja Process :

Nabapatrika Puja is perfrmed at the dawn of the Saptami day, just as the first light of sun descents on earth.

The banana plantain and eight other plants are wrapped in the white sari and this is known as Navpatrika or Kola Bow. This is then given a pre-dawn bath and then Pranpratisha or life, is breathed into this Kola Bow or Nabapatrika.

The ritual is performed on the Ghats of a river or pond. The ‘kolabau’ is brought back in a procession known as kolabau procession and it is placed near Lord Ganesha in the Durga Puja Pandal.

Navpatrika Puja Muhurat Timing 2018 :

In 2018, Nabapatrika Puja will be performed on Tuesday, 16th October 2018.

  • Dawn on Navpatrika Day – 06:10 am
  • Observational Sunrise on Navpatrika Day – 06:32 am

Note : Times mentioned above are valid for Kolkata.

These times many slightly vary for other parts of the country.

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