About Maha Navami, Maha Arti during Durga Puja

Maha Navami or Nabami is basically the third and the penultimate Puja day of the Durga Puja. It is celebrated on the ninth day of Devi Pakhsha.

Maha Navami - Durga Puja

The day begins after the end of Sandhi Puja and ends with ‘Maha Arti’ that is considered a formal end of religious customs of Durga Puja.

On Maha Navami a major bhog is held and Prasad is offered to Goddess Durga and later on this bhog prasad is shared by all the devotees.

Mahanavami Bhog Aarti

On Maha Navami Goddess Durga is worshiped as Mahisasuramardini which means the Annihilator of the Buffalo Demon Mahisasura. It is believed that on this day goddess Durga killed the demon Mahishasura.

Navami Homa is also performed on Maha Navami and it is the significant ritual during Durga Puja.

After the rituals and customs of Maha Navami day come to an end, the rest of the day is filled with merriment, music and dance.

In other parts of the country as well, the day is celebrated as the penultimate day of the nine day Navratri festival dedicated to goddess Durga.

Maha Navami 2018 Date :

In 2018, Maha Navami will be celebrated on Thursday, 18th October 2018.

Wishing Bengali’s and all other who follow Durga Puja, Subho Navami 2018 !!!

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