About Bijaya Dosomi, Vijayadashami, Durga Visarjan

Bijaya Dosomi or Vijayadashami also known as Dussehra is the last day of Durga Puja. It is celebrated on the tenth day of Devi Pakhsha.

Bijaya Dosomi - Durga Puja

On this day, devotees immerse the clay idols of goddess Durga in nearby water bodies. This process is known as Durga Visarjan.

The idol of Goddess Durga are carried from the pandal to the immersion point, amidst a long procession of devotees.

In Bengal, Goddess Durga is worshiped in the form of Goddess Aparajita on the day.

Goddess Aparajita - Form of Goddess Durga

First a shital bhog of Panta Vat, Kochur Sak and Ilis Machvaja is offered to goddess Durga and then purohit or priest perfoms the Bisarjan Puja.

During this Bisarjan Puja, the Devi, who had been invoked in the Navapatrika and the clay idol idol, is entreated to return to her celestial abode. This is followed by Prasasthi Vandana.

Vijaya Dashami Devi Boron

The next ritual is the Devi Boron which is the final sending-off of Uma by the married womenfolk of the locality. In this ritual, ladies perform Aarti of goddess Durga and smear her with vermillion (sindoor) and offer her sweets, beetle-leaf.

Then all the married women paint each other with vermillion (sindoor) and embrase each other. This is known as Sindur Khela and Kolakuli.

Sindur Khela - Vijayadashami

After this ceremony, idol of goddess Durga is brought out for her departure to the Ganga for immersion. This process is called Durga Visarjan.

Durga Visarjan - Vijaya Dashami

Before the immersion of idol of goddess Durga, the last aarti for this year is performed on the bank of the river.

Vijayadashami 2018 Date :

In 2018, Vijayadashami will be celebrated on Friday, 19th October 2018.

Wishing Bengali’s and all other who follow Durga Puja, Subho Bijoya !!!

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